Daniel Kersh - Jan 24 2021

How long do you spend looking?

On average, we spend about 15-30 seconds looking at a single piece of art in a museum or gallery.

Spending more time interacting, engaging, and contemplating with art is not only beneficial but an essential aspect of human life. 

I'm a strong believer that experiencing art has the extraordinary power to liberate us from habitual ways of thinking.

Just think about it…

Have you ever had an experience with an artwork or performance that was so impactful you began to look at the world differently after?

Did you look at yourself differently after?

Did you look at another person different after?

My intention is to create immersive, meditative experiences that induce deep looking into the image and into ourselves. 

A moment that begs you to stay just a little longer. 

A.I. has provided me with the means to create encounters with art that induce wonder and deep looking, so we may observe our mind, body, and experiences through unobstructed, unwavering reflection.

I want my work to form a place, a playground, a meditation hall, an experimental lab where we can venture into the unfamiliar and be moved by all that we encounter. 

My work is for anyone willing to go on this journey with me into the outer limits of art, technology, and consciousness.

Are you with me? 

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