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The art market has changed... Let's talk.

Jan 25, 2021

Things have changed. We're disrupting the traditional art market in an effort to break the “starving artist” myth.  Artists have been seeking more beneficial means of selling their work for a while, but in the wake of the past year we’ve witnessed a dramatic leap forward. Artists are implementing direct-to-collector practices to connect with the people who are interested in their work.

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How long do you spend looking?

Jan 24, 2021

On average, we spend about 15-30 seconds looking at a single piece of art in a museum or gallery. Spending more time interacting, engaging, and contemplating with art is not only beneficial but an essential aspect of human life.

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Art in the Outer Limits (Explained)

Jan 19, 2021

I'm sure you can already feel how rapidly our world is changing due to the accelerating advancements in artificial intelligence and technology. 

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Generative Movement Installations

Jan 01, 2021

A Generative Movement Installation is an event leaving behind a painted map of the human subconscious.

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Generative Abstraction: An AI Art Movement

Dec 01, 2020

Generative Abstraction is an art medium utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other computational methods to construct works of abstract art.

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Art Induced Meditation

Nov 01, 2020

Art is a gateway for discovery and exploration into the deep inner knowings of our own minds.

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