About Studio Daniel Kersh

Studio Daniel Kersh is a collaborative studio for experimental practice and research in contemporary art. SDK intends to create a dialogue between our innermost humanity and the outermost cosmos, in the form of large scale installations and immersive experiences. The group explores conditions of consciousness, perception, and sensation, using multi-sensory tools and interactive technology to invite viewers to participate in a meditative experiences. 

Our Mission

  • Prioritize investigative practices and research through the exploration of technology, its capabilities, and its wonders.
  • Prioritize investigative practices and research through the exploration of science, the nature of our human experience, and the nature of the universe.
  • Offer experiences that create a fertile ground for inner transformation.


Daniel Kersh

Founder, Director

Daniel Kersh is an artist exploring intersections in art, performance, science, and technology.

He investigates sensory wellness with Neuroscientists (Arigami Research), Sensory Designers (Ari Peralta), Biofeedback Technology Engineers (Spyras, George Winfield), and Color and Wellness Consultants (mycoocoon). Daniel has co-created a library of visual color meditations with Professor Pierre Van Obberghen (Color Institute Paris, L'Institut de la Couleur) for the sensory and emotional health app, Brainbo.

Kersh trained his eye to the nuances of light, dance, and performance under the mentorship of Robert Wierzel and the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company.

He furthered his studies of light and its effects on bodies, natural environments, and the architectural world under Al Crawford at Arc3Design.

Kersh’s passion for light, art, and dance grew into a breadth of work in lighting design, installations, and performance.

With the mission of blending these disciplines, he formed Studio Daniel Kersh in 2020, a collaborative studio for experimental practice and research in contemporary art. 

In 2021, he founded Company Wo, an arts organization presenting immersive, multi-sensory performances in gallery, site specific, and non-traditional spaces.

Recent collaborations
(The Shed, Superblue, Studio Drift)

Recent Publications
(New York Times, Hotel Designs, Booooooom)


Daniel Kersh

Founder, Director

Jessica Elliott

Chief of Staff, Lighting Designer

Christian Blue

Executive Assistant

Manuel Bossard

Senior Creative Developer

Lauren Libretti

Lighting Designer, Creative Developer

Liza Khorosh

Data Scientist

Shelly Hawkins

Curator, Writer

Eoin Carrigan

Writer, Researcher

David Maurice Johnson

Artistic Associate

Maria Ipsen

Costume Designer


  • Our vision is to create meaningful art experiences that connect us to deepest parts of ourselves, each other, and the world around us so that we may embrace the preciousness of life and extend the capacity of our innate human potential.

"The natural beauty and subtlety of light is something to be reveled in. We perceive reality through light, and when we see, we see with the entirety of our past experience. If light is manipulated, the nature of that reality can be questioned and we are brought closer to the central truths of our own perceptions. My work intends to reveal our complex relationships to material, light, and form. By giving you access to a gateway of expansive visual imagery, I hope to offer opportunities to activate your mind, awaken your body, and transcend toward the infinite."