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Internal Visions | Online Exhibition

Internal Visions is the third solo exhibition of Generative artwork by Daniel Kersh, whose work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the new medium’s evolution. What started out as a reflection on the contrast between an individual’s inner and outer worlds soon evolved into a comment on the decentralization of humanity as the primary form of life. By using images of skyscrapers and paintings of radiant light, Kersh creates cells teeming with life, each work at once a seed while also containing the entire cosmos. As you peer past the membrane of fragile glass-like quality you can see the nucleus of light pouring through kinetic pathways and soaking into nearby structures. We see generations of transformations, civilizations rising and falling in a matter of seconds, and we are faced with both the fragility and eternality of life.

At the foundation of all of Kersh’s work is an invitation to a meditative space and an opportunity for deep looking and conscious insight. Internal Visions is fundamentally an opportunity to decentralize the human experience as the only perspective from which to view life, and brings to light the construction of our own internal representations of the world. It is undoubtedly ethereal, humbling, and offers an access point to connecting with the grandness of the universe.

On view until August 28

"The natural beauty and subtlety of light is something to be reveled in. We perceive reality through light, and when we see, we see with the entirety of our past experience. If light is manipulated, the nature of that reality can be questioned and we are brought closer to the central truths of our own perceptions. My work aims to reveal the complex relationships between the materiality of light, form, and space. By creating a gateway of imagery that gives access to inquiry, the function of my artwork is to induce a state of deep looking for discovery."


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