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Liminal Space

Virtual Solo Exhibition - 2021

Liminal Space is an exhibition of Generative artwork presented as a series of video installations and prints. It is also a place, a threshold, a borderland where you can leave behind the mechanisms that control your everyday life to access a deeper awareness of your relationship with the natural world. Using Artificial Intelligence as a collaborative partner, Daniel Kersh blends the boundaries between what is real and what is generated by our imaginations, and lays before us the fertile ground for an evolution of consciousness. 

The Weight of My Face in My Two Hands

Performance - 2020

The Weight of My Face in My Two Hands

Daniel Kersh


As shadow and light come into existence at the same time, the work is a metaphor for an emotional truth. Kersh’s form is bathed in light and casts a heavy shadow as deep internal fault lines shift within him. Yet his relationship to the earth is solid. The magnetism drawing his face to his hands, and his hands to the earth, is clear and powerful.

Generative Movement Installation

12 minutes